Adjunct Therapies

There are numerous adjunctive therapies that could be prescribed via telehealth. Below you will find some examples of treatment approaches that could be used.

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Taping for Patellofemoral Pain/Fat Pad Irritation
A do-it-yourself video guide to applying tape to the knee for management of patellofemoral pain.

Low Dye Taping Guide
A do-it yourself video guide to applying to applying tape to the foot for management of plantar fascia pain.

Augmented Low Dye Foot Taping Guide (foot pronation control)
A video guide to applying tape to a patients foot to improve their foot pronation control and reduce medial tibial shin pain or symptoms associated with tibial stress.

Ankle Stability Taping Guide
A do-it-yourself video guide to taping the ankle for increased support after an ankle inversion injury.

Self-mobilisation video guides for patients:
Talocrural Joint
Subtalar Joint

Trigger point self-massage video guides for patients:
Upper Trapezius
Gluteal and hip region


This page of adjunct resources includes examples of possible treatment strategies that may be considered by clinicians providing treatment via telehealth. They are not intended to dictate or replace appropriate medical care. These treatment strategies are not prescriptive care endorsed by the authors, rather examples of techniques that may be used to assist patients. All treatment should be clinically reasoned and considered by an experienced professional in light of current research evidence, best practice clinical judgment and patient needs.