Exercise is one of the most effective treatments that physiotherapists can teach their patients. There is research involving many musculoskeletal conditions showing that  exercise via telehealth is as effective as delivering it in-person. Below we have given you some tips on how to maximise exercise prescription through this virtual medium.

Strategies for teaching exercises via telehealth

  • Demonstrate exercises for patients and consider using different angles and zoom in and out when performing them
  • Observe patients performing exercises and provide detailed feedback
  • Encourage patients to watch themselves doing the exercise in the monitor screen or mirror
  • Ask a family member assist if needed
  • Video record patients doing exercises and send them a video of themselves or provide supplemental videos of the exercises to reinforce correct technique.
  • Use apps or websites to track physical activity, exercises, and create meaningful goals for patients

For detailed information about exercise prescription principles, much of which can be applied to telehealth, check out this TREK website.

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