Setting Up Your Space for Telehealth

One key benefit of telehealth  is that you can have the appointment in the convenience of your own home or workplace. Setting up your space and devices in the best way can maximise your telehealth experience. Read or watch below to learn how.


Here are some tips for setting up your space at home ahead of your telehealth appointment:

  • Device
    • Make sure your device is mobile as you may need to move around
    • Laptops, tablets and smart phones work best
  • Positioning
    • Think about the space you have available and the additional equipment you will need
  • Clothing
    • It may be important to have a body part exposed for assessment
  • Lighting
    • If there is a lot of light coming from behind you, you will appear darker on camera and it will be harder for the clinician to see you
    • Try to have the most light coming from in front so they can see you better
  • Sound
    • Try to find a quiet space
    • A pair of headphones can help
    • Make sure to change the audio and microphone source if you are using them

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Watch the video below that illustrates the key points above