Shoulder Special Tests

Some special tests can be modified to be done via telehealth. Below we have provided photos and instructions as guidance on how to perform these special tests.

Modifications to common special shoulder tests



Jobe Test (resisted abduction with thumbs facing down) with soup cans in a grocery bag for resistance.





The O’Brien test with the thumb pointed up.






The O’Brien (active compression) test with the thumb pointed down and resistance provided by soup cans in a grocery bag.





The Hawkins test using the contralateral hand to push the abducted shoulder into internal rotation.





Cross-body adduction using the contralateral arm.






Resisted external rotation testing.






Resisted internal rotation testing.




Modified from: 

Lamplot, J., Pinnamaneni, S., Swensen-Buza, S., Lawton, C., Dines, J., Nawabi, D., Young, W., Rodeo, S., Taylor, S. (2020). The Virtual Shoulder and Knee Physical Examination. Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine, 8(10), 2325967120962869.

Special Test Examples:

Watch the videos below to see how the above tests are performed in a telehealth setting