Physiotherapist Checklist

There are many practical details that you may need to consider as a clinician when getting started with telehealth. From internet connectivity, sound check, and video check – many steps could be accidentally missed, especially if you are new to these processes. Consequently affecting the quality of the session between you and the patient.

We created a practical checklist of tasks for physiotherapists who may be new to providing care through telehealth. You can use this if it is your first time using telehealth, or if you just want to make sure your second, third or fourth session (and so on) run smoothly.

It includes reminders for key aspects of a successful appointment, including:

  • Ensuring proper consultation space and technology set up before a session
  • Cues for helping a patient set up their environment
  • Sample flow of a treatment session



Below you will find this  2 page checklist

Click here to download the Physio Telehealth Checklist