Palpation is another important aspect of a physiotherapy assessment. How can a physiotherapist obtain the information they would normally obtain from in-person palpation exam via telehealth?  Below we have provided with some guidance and suggestions on how to use patient self-palpation to address this barrier.

  • Self-palpation is an opportunity for patients to identify symptoms such as swelling, tenderness and location of pain.
  • Perform a demonstration of palpation technique in real time. You may also like to provide your patient with pictures or video instructions to show them where and how to palpate.
  • Guide patients with clear instructions as they are self-palpating.
  • Provide verbal support to patients to help them describe what they are feeling – e.g. does the area feel tender? hard? Tingly?
  • Consider having a carer or partner assist with palpation in some cases

Watch the short video below that shares some tips for a self-palpation assessment via telehealth

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