Clinician Experience

What is it like being a clinician who uses telehealth. Listen to the video below to get an insight into the experience of a specialist physiotherapist working with telehealth.

In this video, JP Caneiro, an experienced physiotherapist discusses:

  • Why did you decide to adopt telehealth as part of your clinical practice?
  • What is the evidence related to managing low back pain via telehealth compared to in-person?
  • How have you found patients respond to telehealth? Has it been hard to get ‘buy in’?
  • How do you perform a physical exam for low back pain via telehealth?
  • What would be your top 3 clinical tips for treating low back pain via telehealth?
  • How does the way you prescribe exercises differ between telehealth or in-person?


Dr JP Caneiro has over 17 years of experience as a clinician, researcher and lecturer on the field of musculoskeletal pain management. He has published over 40 research papers and presented his work in key conferences across the globe. He is an emerging leader on the field of chronic pain, particularly in the management of back pain and osteoarthritis. Dr JP Caneiro consults three days per week at Body Logic in Perth, Western Australia where he reviews complex musculoskeletal pain disorders, in special lower back and knee pain.